Eskom resumes issuing quotations

June 25th, 2008, Published in Articles: Energize

Eskom is to recommence issuing quotations to potential customers who apply for new connections or upgrades above 100 kVA.  This follows an earlier decision to review the issuing of new quotations. During that period the company continued with connections for projects where there was a contractual obligation to supply, and also continued with quotations for new connections for residential developments and electrification programmes: particularly those requiring less than 100 kVA. The period that it will take before a customer applying for a connection above 100 kVA receives energy will depend on the rate at which space is created on the electrical system, and the rate at which applications for new capacity are received. Jacob Maroga, chief executive of Eskom noted that Eskom's operating reserve margin is such that no new connections can be accommodated unless space is created on the system, and that the utility was working around the clock to improve the reserve margin through savings from the existing customer base and by building new power plants. Criteria for the allocation of capacity above 100 kVA are being developed.

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