Revenue protection training course

July 29th, 2009, Published in Articles: Energize

Over the past few years the threat that criminal acts posed to the daily operation of most companies around the world has motivated management to invest in expensive security systems, in-house investigation units, fraud detection software, polygraph testing and internal auditing mechanisms. However, little time and money is spent on minimising revenue losses by establishing a revenue protection unit and developing effective processes. In an effort to counter these criminal acts, associations like SARPA have been formed worldwide, with the ultimate goal of communicating preferred processes and also assisting in training all the role players in the art of risk identification, minimising the threats, and workable solutions. Best practises are shared and lessons learned are passed on to those who need to act swiftly, in order to protect their companies from the threat.

With the help of the facilitator of this course, namely Rens Bindeman, who is the SARPA technical advisor and also a revenue protection consultant on issues related to revenue loss management, revenue protection and the combating of non-ferrous metal theft, you will learn about these best practises and processes that will assist you in finding the correct solution for your specific problems. The three-day management course offers the opportunity to learn more about the different revenue protection concepts and processes.The one day sensitising course will highlight the concept of revenue protection to managers that are indirectly involved in revenue protection or credit control. It will also teach the individual how to support the revenue protection division/operators in their tasks, or how to form an effective revenue protection or non ferrous theft unit. The learning processes will be conducted in a manner that will motivate open discussions, promote case study analysis, paper exercises, videos and photos of “actual crime scenes” that are unique to these courses. A site visit will also be arranged, in order to show how a revenue protection team operates in the field and what happens when tampers are found.

Dates: l 2 November 2009: Sensitising management course
l 3 – 5 November 2009: Advanced management course
l 6 November 2009: Site visit
Time: 08h00 – 16h30
Venue: Willow Park conference centre, Kempton Park, Gauteng

Contact PIESA Secretariat, Tel 011 789-1384,,

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